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OTP/MTP IP Solutions / NVM IP


The Non-Volatile Memory (NVM) IP provides One-Time Programmable (OTP), Few-Time Programmable (FTP) and Multi-Time Programmable (MTP) NVM supporting 16 bits to 1 Mbit in standard CMOS, BCD, high voltage (HV), embedded flash, and specialty process technologies with no additional masks or processing steps.

Small in area and high in performance, the NVM IP delivers industry-leading reliability in products that require cycling up to 1,000,000 times, junction temperature operation up to 175ºC, and ultra-low power consumption. Selected NVM IP has met the standards for AEC-Q100 Automotive Grade 0 or 1. Validated through rigorous characterization, qualification, and reliability testing, silicon-proven NVM IP has been integrated into thousands of designs by hundreds of customers.

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