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ASIC Design Service

Socle establishes the world’s first IC ODM business model as the IC design arm of Foxconn, serving Tier 1 worldwide system and branding customers. Socle offers comprehensive expertise from Design Service(IP, Platform, Design Implementation, Mixed-Signal Design) and Turn Key Service(Foundry, Assembly, Testing, Logistics). Socle collaborate with worldwide design houses and IP vendors to provide synergy and vertical integration with customers.


Socle’s IP Eco-System supports your products regardless of your IP comes from a wide variety of independent IP vendors. We excel at collaboratively working with customers on methods, technology adoption, and the design process, to enhance their productivity and reduce their risk.

Socle's comprehensive IP portfolio, proven customization capabilities services and our third party Eco-Systems IP partners enhances the rapid emerging technology and interfaces adoption that reduces time-to-market and SoC development risk while ensuring compliance to the respective standards.

In collaboration with leading IP vendors, Socle provides the most state-of-the-art IP portfolio. The ecosysvtem builds, validates, and delivers the comprehensive IP solution to ensure IP quality, integration and testability, which enables shorter design cycle time, higher first silicon success, and faster time-to-market.






Design Implementation

Socle has been delivering SoC design services(SoC-ImP®) by robust flow cover 0.25um to 7nm technology. SoC-ImP® methodology resolves the challenges of million gates by DFT, Power analysis, Placement & Routing, RC Extraction, Timing Analysis, IR Drop / Electro Migration, Design For Manufacturing (DFM), by time to market requirements.

In Design-For-Testability (DFT) services, Socle delivers scan, boundary scan, memory BIST insertion, and provides scan re-ordering, low power test pattern generation and compression, fault coverage analysis services.

In Low power technique, SoC-ImP® integrate low power format(IEEE 1801/UPF/CPF), optimize DVFS(Dynamic Voltage Frequency Scaling), make leakage power saving up to 10X, dynamic power saving up to 20%. And also support clock gated design and Vt cell swap low power methodology.

In timing closure with MMMC(Multi Mode Multi Corner), and on chip variation (OCV) for multiple power domain/on-off domain verification.

SoC-ImP® flow proven by tablet, IP Cam, 8K TV Set-Top-Box, 5G, AI application…,ect. Over 500 projects


  • RTL-to-GDSII, Netlist-to-GDSII, Spec-to-GDSII
  • Scan, ATPG, Memory BIST, Boundary Scan
  • ARM Processors / RISC-V CPU Configuration/Hardening
  • Digital IP hardening
  • Hard IP (GDSII) merge
Mixed-Signal Design

  • Mixed-Signal Design is circuit with analog and digital circuits on a single chip. Socle’s mixed-signal design cover data converter, power management, PHY

  • In data converter, the sigma-delta ADC with 24bit resolution, sample rate @8kHz ~ 96kHz; AVDD @2.6V ~3.6V; DVDD @1.08V~1.32V

  • DAC support up to 3 channel, 12bit resolution, the DNL @+/-1LSB high linearity, output driving achieve +/-100mA; also with wide range power supply AVDD(@2.3V ~4.8V), DVDD(@1.62V~ 1.98V)

  • PLL the input frequency @24 MHz, output frequency range can select up to 2GHz/3.2GHz, operating voltage @1.1V

  • In power management, DC-DC buck converter with 3.3 V to 5.5 V input range; output current 0.3A(max) @ 1.1V output, switching frequency can up to 1MHz. When light load, converter enters power save mode(PFM) to maintain high efficiency. The PFM pin can select PFM/PWM mode operation.

  • Low Drop Out(LDO) with 3.3 V to 5.5 V input range; output current 0.2A(max), also, LDO can select output voltage @3.3V/2.5V/1.8V/1.2V

  • Other than data converter, power management, Socle provide general used interface(USB, MIPI, LVDS, DDR) PHY

  • Socle’s mixed-signal achieved high repuatation in the world, design covered process nodes from 180nm to 40nm across the world’s foundries including TSMC, UMC, SMIC and others, and implemented in many fields, such as advanced display, storaged memory,camera around view and stylus application

Turnkey Service

Socle provides the convenience of a one-stop-shop. After the design service is completed, Socle integrates its Turnkey Service through the first-tier supply chain, from wafer sort, assembly process, final test and packaging to delivery. This encompasses product engineering, test engineering, package engineering, and reliability engineering services. With first-tier partners’ capability and capacity, Socle is able to provide a wide range of production services accordingly. Socle’s Turnkey Service not only speeds up the turn-around time but also provides the most cost-effective options and lower R&D risks for customers.

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