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Mixed Moder Circuit Design

Mixed-Signal Design Service

Socle’s mixed-signal design service focus on:

  • Top Down Circuit Design
  • Customized Layout Service
  • Validation & Verification
Top Down Circuit Design

Socle analog and digital design engineers identify full system functionality requirements, performance and timing sensitive paths, design for testability and built-in self-test etc., mainly including the following:

  • High-precision Data Converter
    • ADC: The sigma-delta ADC with 24bit resolution, sample rate @8kHz ~ 96kHz; AVDD @2.6V ~3.6V; DVDD @1.08V~1.32V
    • DAC support up to 3 channel, 12bit resolution, the DNL @+/-1LSB high linearity, output driving achieve +/-100mA; also with wide range power supply AVDD(@2.3V ~4.8V), DVDD(@1.62V~ 1.98V)
    • PLL the input frequency @24 MHz, output frequency range can select up to 2GHz/3.2GHz, operating voltage @1.1V
  • High-efficient Power Management
    • DC-DC buck converter with 3.3 V to 5.5 V input range; output current 0.3A(max) @ 1.1V output, switching frequency can up to 1MHz. When light load, converter enters power save mode(PFM) to maintain high efficiency. The PFM pin can select PFM/PWM mode operation.
    • Low Drop Out(LDO) with 3.3 V to 5.5 V input range; output current 0.2A(max), also, LDO can select output voltage @3.3V/2.5V/1.8V/1.2V
  • High-speed Interface
    • Other than data converter, power management, Socle provide SerDes Transceivers for High-speed Communications such as USB, MIPI, LVDS, DDR…physical layer solution.
  • Socle’s mixed-signal design achieved high repuatation in the world, design covered process nodes from 180nm to 40nm across the world’s foundries including TSMC, UMC, SMIC and others, and implemented in many fields, such as advanced display, storaged memory, camera around view and stylus application.
Customized Layout Service

Socle layout team handle by 0.5um down to 12nm working on analog circuits including Data Converter, RF, PMUs and various types of interface.

Validation & Verification

Design mixed-signal ICs for testability can simplify and accelerate design debug and characterization. Socle help clients getting and running the verification methodologies including analog Verilog/Timing model develop for all of the circuit blocks and digital design partitioned in either structural Verilog or synthesizable RTL. Also, Socle do validation for the product or service, as provided(or can be provided), will fulfill customer intended use.

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