ASIC Frontend Design

Socle provide an extensive set of full-flow ASIC IC design services, focusing on semiconductor and systems companies in the delivery of SoC, ASIC and FPGA projects. The services coverage from a full turnkey solution to sub-system or IP block development. Our engineers augment your existing design teams with specialist design, application and EDA tools expertise.

Design Implementation

Socle has been delivering SoC design services(SoC-ImP®) by robust flow cover 0.25um to 7nm technology. SoC-ImP® methodology resolves the challenges of million gates by DFT, Power analysis, Placement & Routing, RC Extraction, Timing Analysis, IR Drop / Electro Migration, Design For Manufacturing (DFM), by time to market requirements.

Turnkey Solution

Turnkey Solution is to provide one-stop complete production solutions and engineering services from GDSII to Chip


Socle Technology partners with Tier 1 semiconductor companies and electronic components distributors to offer a wide range of trusted IC, sensors, electronic components, and total solutions to our customers. Please see our product lines below and feel free to contact us for more information.

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