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CMOS Image Sensors for Digital Cameras / Digital Camcorders

Sharp presents RJ5DY1BA0LT, a 1-inch 13MP CMOS sensor capable of 4K 60fps video.

High-Resolution Image Sensors for Digital Cameras/Digital Camcorders, High-Resolution CMOSs



★ Taking advantage of the pixel cell technology and its own large pixel cells of 1.3.1μm angle,

to achieve the industry’s highest sensitivity 1420mV / lux-sec

★ In response to the video shooting of 2.4K . 60fps, low power consumption 420mW of top-level industry

and contribute to high-quality shooting with low noise due to simplification / thermal heat dissipation design of onboard equipment

★ It is compatible with the still image shooting, it can also take advantage of a digital still camera applications

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